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Our commitment

We employ some of the most innovative staff members in the industry at our four research and development centres across the world.

Every day, they tirelessly work on making our polymer applications that little bit better: lighter, safer, more interactive and sustainable.

Every day, they tirelessly work on making our polymer applications that little bit better: lighter, safer, more interactive and sustainable. We take your ideas and put them into practice.

We are all working on the same goal: making each drive an experience.

We rely on quality

Quality goes beyond the mere quality of our products and processes.

It represents a global and all-encompassing management approach. Our staff members around the globe strive towards continuously achieving outstanding customer satisfaction levels and making sure it stays that way. For this reason, we are a reliable partner for the automotive industry.

Our objective for each one of our industrial sites is to be a role model – in terms of health and safety, customer focus and customer service, our products’ quality as well as economic and ecological performance.

Based on the fact that operative excellence can only be achieved by involving all staff members and developing a culture of change, Saint-Gobain has decided to put people at the heart of the process.


freeglass has been certified as per ISO 9001v2015 and IATF 16949 to be able to meet OEM manufacturers’ standard requirements thanks to a highly integrated management system.

Our products are relevant to safety and boast an official homologation stamp.

As an international player, our automotive plastics glazing boasts the required homologations for global use.

Our experts closely work hand-in-hand with homologation bodies to track the development of homologations.


Being able to trace individual components is not just an objective at freeglass.

We already launched this process long ago by guaranteeing that all our parts are labelled and can be traced. Enhancing our data recording and analysis is the key, not just to improving our process control, but also to facilitating root cause analyses by tracing raw materials, chemicals or components along the process.

Strong commitment

Collaboration between all entities involved at our plant and our parent company represents the key to improving the transfer of expertise. Our staff members from all areas efficiently collaborate on the basis of transparency.

Our operative excellence is based on streamlined production efficiency, pragmatism, resilience and agility. Our digital know-how enables us elements including being able to seamlessly trace our production processes.

We appreciate our teams and foster autonomy and confidence. We create the right foundations for our teams to fully achieve their potential and ultimately develop the best products and services.

Responsible purchasing

We learn from our experiences – every day. We greatly value cooperative and constructive collaboration with our partner. Each level of the value chain contributes to achieving shared goals.

From mere procurement to target-based purchasing

Procurement teams at freeglass never lose sight of corporate targets and face the challenge of selecting the best business partners around the globe each and every day. We particularly focus on:

  • Technology
  • Quality
  • Environmentalaspects
  • Price
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Flexibility

Supplier requirements

General terms and conditions of purchasing

The general terms and conditions of purchasing of freeglass apply.

Site rules for contractors

Please observe our site rules.

Supplier Charta

All ideals in principles of conduct and actions at Saint-Gobain Group.

At minimum certification as per ISO 9001

As a freeglass supplier you must at minimum meet ISO 9001 standards.


freeglass operates on the basis of WCP (World Class Purchasing) principles.

Completing procurement functions in the best possible way with the objective of meeting global demands.

The Supplier Charta is paramount in this process.

It represents a collection of all ideals in principles of conduct and actions at Saint-Gobain Group.

Working towards sustainably growing the business is particularly pivotal. The Charta forms the basis of collaboration with freeglass and forms part of each contract.

What the Charta encompasses:

  • Compliance with development legislation
  • Staff rights
  • Occupational safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Business ethos – compliance with statutory stipulations

Our expertise!

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