Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do

Together we develop solutions for better, safer and more environmentally friendly travelling.

We are convinced that we can trigger a sustainable transition along the entire value chain. We strive towards a significant change in mindset and actions within our entire ecosystem to change the mobility market and preserving our future.

The values of our sustainability approach

Business ethics

We share our values with stakeholders to safeguard long-term, shared growth

Circular economy

We must change the way we design, produce and market our products and services to optimise the circular economy.

Local & inclusive value creation

Our actions are sustainable in every country.

Climate change

We are contributing to creating a low-carbon economy.

Inclusion & diversity

We foster very diverse teams to create an open-minded and committed corporate culture.

Health & safety

We guarantee our staff members’ and shareholders’ health and safety.

Strong commitment

We strive towards being a reference supplier for sustainable solutions that change the mobility market and preserve our future, all the while taking into account the expectations of our pivotal stakeholders.

Our comprehensive sustainability approach

We are optimising processes within our plants, strive towards creating a circular economy to avoid waste and foster social initiatives involving the local community.

Climate-neutral by 2050

As a part of Saint-Gobain Group, we have committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2050. This objective is intrinsically linked to our endeavour to supply our customers with solutions to help them in decarbonising and reducing their ecological footprint.

freeglass has been an ambassador of sustainable developments for many years.

  • ISO 14001 + ISO 50001 certification and regular re-certification
  • Internal programmes for sustainable actions
  • Initial waste recycling trials into our production processes (circular economy)
  • Initial approaches concerning our products’ life cycle assessments and comprehensive evaluations of the value chains that affect us

Support us in the process!

We invite you all to join us on our mission to create more sustainable mobility on the basis of our materials expertise, our customer-focussed mindset and our many years of commitment to sustainability.