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Produkte & Anwendungen

The combination of extreme flexibility in terms of styling, technical integration, aerodynamics and reduced weight mark typical, effective benefits of side windows that have been developed using polymers.

freeglass also develops covers for A, B and C-pillars in high-gloss – glass-like pianoblack finish – and extremely geared towards functionality, scratch-resistant on request.

Fixed panoramic roofs, sliding sunroofs, roof panels, roof systems that open across large surfaces as well as roof trims are developed on the basis of cutting-edge injection moulding and coating technologies.

Rear windows are a strong market trend for design and function. Integrated technology such as tail lights, spoilers, licence plate lighting, handles, access lighting, decorative column elements and much more.

Rear modules give creative integration options.

Smooth lines and the absence of gaps open up opportunities for spoilers to differentiate products on the basis of a creative and identifiable touch.

Your benefits with our plastic glazing and polymer solutions

Our product developments enable complete design liberties for vehicles and thus bring about tangible benefits.

Design freedom

Flexible design

Polymers provide the option to develop parts that are inconceivable with glass – plus they also enable complex shapes for large components.

Graphic design elements

Reliable design element production processes on plastic glazing and polymer applications.

Mouldability for the most minute of applications

Complex shapes for the most minute plastic glazing elements that are inconceivable with glass.

System integration

Integrated systems

Plastic glazing opens up a unique opportunity to integrate functions and thus reduce the number of components and gaps.

Integrating lighting

Our injection moulding process enables an integration of lighting components in combination with the design of a homogeneous surface. As visible or opaque modules.

Smart solutions

Smart development concepts have the potential to make systems easier to install in a single step, thus contributing to technology, aesthetics and aerodynamics.

Weight & sustainability

Reducing weight

Within the context of roof systems, it is possible to cut the vehicle’s weight at a high point by 4 to 9 kg and consequently lower the vehicle’s centre of gravity.


Lowering vehicles’ weight directly influences the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption.


Using materials with a low density, such as polymers, makes it possible to cut the weight Plastic side windows cut the weight by 1 to 1.5 kg per vehicle.

Safety + protection

Appearance and durability

freeglass applies cutting-edge technologies that can give plastics components glossy and smooth characteristics.
Coating technologies offer weathering as well as chemical and mechanical resistance in line with outdoor applications.

personal safety

Plastic glazing for cars meets car glazing safety standards. It is comparable to laminated glass, offers high levels of impact strength and safeguards handling and stability.

Burglary protection

For specific applications, plastic glazing are used as burglary protection. Thanks to their very high impact strength, plastic glazing cannot be destroyed by conventional methods





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