All glazing panels developed and marketed by freeglass are submitted for national and international homologation and meet the required stipulations.

They undergo stringent testing at the research and development centres of our partners and Sekurit in Herzogenrath, Germany, to safeguard their correct fit for automotive applications:

  • Product and process quality analysis
  • Visual inspections
  • Durability and strength testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Laboratory for physics and technology
  • Laboratory for chemistry and technology

Injection moulding technology

Polymers are melted and injected into high-gloss polished multicomponent injection moulds to shape the component.

Injection moulding enables the integration of multiple components within a combined plastics module.

Our injection moulding technology:

  • Multi-component injection moulding (3-component)
  • Turning plate technology
  • Injection compression technology
  • Machine capacity: up to 2700t
  • Rheological simulation
  • Tool maintenance
  • Automatic parts check

Coating technology

Components are coated on required surfaces, on the inside and/or outside to guarantee their strength and durability for outdoor conditions and media influences.

Such applications create high-gloss and profundity effects on the component.

Our coating:

  • Single or double coating
  • Wet-on-wet + double bake coating
  • Thermally hardening polysiloxane hard coats, e.g. Momentive
  • Two industrial paint shops providing clean room conditions

Overmolding technology

Extrusion coating is integrated into component completion using a technologically adhesive elastomer. Thanks to this process we can implement our customers’ shaping demands and sealing concepts.

The process enables smooth integration of plastics components into the vehicle’s structure.

Our extrusion coating:

  • Partial overmolding
  • Complete overmolding
  • Flush overmolding
  • Underfloor overmolding
  • Various Shore hardness levels

Final assembly

We look forward to advising you about our final assembly process.

We offer processes for the following areas:

  • Laser welding
  • Priming
  • Hot stamping
  • 2-component adhesive
  • Laser-based labelling
  • Integrating decorative parts made of stainless steel, aluminium, etc.
  • Installing components, such as clips, seals, sensors, lighting, etc.

Processing sheet material

We thermoform and process polycarbonate sheets according to customer specifications.


We look forward to giving you expert advice on your projects, face-to-face, by phone or email.